• How To Make Your Penis Up To 4 Inches Bigger In 5 Easy Steps

    And The Next Generation Stem Cell Secret to 100% Natural, Safe, Huge Growth

  • How to measure you penis when researching how to make your penis bigger

    Imagine if you knew how to make your penis bigger (permanently) without pills, extenders, or pumps?

    How to measure you penis when researching how to make your penis bigger

    That all you have to do is FORGET EVERYTHING SALESMEN have told you about penis growth... 


    And, keep and an open mind as you discover a new molecular level penis enlargement strategy.

  • Once

    you get past

    The BS in the male

    enhancement market you

    can finally hit your target size

    And the reason I am sharing information I paid for is because I got sick of the BS in the male enhancement market.


    No, scratch that. I got sick of the BS full stop when I used to have a smaller penis…


    When she tells you ‘size does not matter’ she is lying. It does matter. It will always matter.


    The truth is a small penis lacks the physical size to reach the deep nerves in her vagina.


    The nerves which give her orgasms. The nerves which release love hormones and make her addicted to you… This is why women kept leaving me for bigger men.

    So to get bigger and please your woman you research if the penis can grow and you’re told that if you swallow unregulated (FDA) and expensive medical supplements and pills every day you’ll be rewarded with a throbbing manhood in less than week! - Only that never happens.


    Also, have you noticed when you Google how to make your penis bigger you find male enhancement websites advising you to strap a painful looking device to your manhood and stretch it - just so they can get a sale - Do you want to spend months torturing your penis? No way, you’re a smart guy.


    The ONLY NON-BS thing I discovered during my years of searching for a safe, and science-based method to grow my penis naturally is this…


    You're gambling with your confidence, your chances of finding (and keeping) a girlfriend, and your sexual performance by giving up too soon on the possibility of penis enlargement.


    No matter how many failed attempts you’ve previously had.


    If you’re smart and don’t follow the herd then there is a way forward without pills, potions, and torture devices.


    Now, you’re a smart guy. You will improve your penis size, sexual relationships, confidence and life in general by using the power of molecular growth. - Did you know a stem cell can change form into ANY type of cell in your body, including penis tissue cells?


    With a targeted (non-invasive) tweak to your biochemistry, your body can convert stem cells in penis tissue cells. You can increase your penis size by 2 - 4 inches.

    Then you can have the sexual adventures you want as finally you can reach those deep nerves in her vagina and make her orgasm time and time again. Here’s how...


    don't need

    to do penis exercises

    use pills or extenders to

    pack on the inches and be a proud man

  • Tweaking your biochemistry is not science fiction fantasy talk - Learn how to make your penis bigger

    Tweaking your biochemistry is not science fiction fantasy talk. To achieve the results YOU DO NOT NEED pills, potions, extenders, supplements or wild gimmicks. And the best is yet to come…


    The biology is the same for any man, any size, any age. 25, 25, 35, 55, 65… you name it - it works.

    Tom Candow - Can answer the question "How to make your penis bigger" with his Penis Enlargement Remedy


    Now I learnt of stem cells from Tom Candow. (That’s him in the picture )


    Like Tom, I also looked at the secrets porn-stars use like shaving pubic hair and losing weight. I tried jelqing and other agony inducing exercises until I moved onto researching science journals….


    Which were way too advanced for me...


    I needed someone to explain in plain English how I could grow my penis to my target size of 7 inches from a cellular level.


  • The

    5 Key Principles

    will save you time, money, disappointment

    and get you the length you want

    What Tom Candow taught me in stage one of the process was to look past the bull crap of male enhancement gimmicks that not only did not work (for me) but made me feel depressed, frustrated, and robbed me of my confidence. This was the first step and in a moment I will give you the 5 key principles he teaches.


    The second stage (the growth process) starts after you have read the 5 key principles to penis enlargement and taken the short quiz to compute your potential growth.


    The growth stage involves re-engaging the penis growth process by restoring your body’s natural enlargement hormones.


    The 5 key principles in stage one are the reverse of everything you have ever read about how to make your penis bigger. If you cannot keep an open mind and prefer pumps, pills and extenders then stop reading now…

    SECOND WARNING: What I am going to say next is important...

    This page does not. I repeat. Does not ask you to go to Amazon and buy a penis pump. It does not send you to a medical website and tell to you buy expensive pills. Nor does this page lead to any kind of extenders, libido pills, or testosterone pills.

  • The 5 Key Principles YOU MUST AVOID (no matter what)


    If you want to kick-start the penis enlargement process, boost your masculinity...


    And FINALLY be able to deeply penetrate a woman with your extra inches

  • The first stage of learning how to make your penis bigger is stop taking penis enhancement supplements

    1 - Absolutely Avoid ALL Penis Enlargement Supplements


    Penis enlargement supplements have been selling like crazy for a number of years. And do you know why?


    Yeah, you guessed it… Eat a pill and get bigger. Easy. That’s why I bought loads of them a few years back!


    Have you ever bought pills? Did they work for you?


    Well, the only thing enhancement pills do is take a BIG CHUNK of cash out your pocket…


    leaving you just as small as when you started.


    And the market for pills is getting bigger, and bigger as more and more men (just like me) wanted their penis size increased as fast as possible. We can be forgiven for buying pills as long as we remember…


    Pills are not the way forward to natural growth. Instead, you need a method to re engage the penis enlargement process naturally.


    Investing in pills is like investing in a Unicorn hunting expedition. You think you are going to get something truly amazing, but you’re just handing your money over to someone who is getting very, very, rich off of men like us.


    People who take random pills are putting their health at risk...


    Where are these magic pills made?


    In a rat infested factory in a third world country, or where?

    And what poisons are going into these pills - is it natural to splice manufactured testosterone and (whatever) other synthetic supplements? Of course not…


    Just don’t take the risk. I know the pain you’re in at the moment, but don’t jeopardize your health when there is another, safer way to grow a bigger penis.

    The second stage of learning how to make your penis bigger is stopping all penis exercises

    2 - STOP doing Penis Exercises

    Penis exercises are often promoted as being the same as muscle exercises. The only floor with this concept is…


    The penis is not a muscle.


    Try it out for yourself. Flex your penis now and see if it goes from ultra-soft to ultra-hard instantly. Did it work for you? Nah, I didn’t think it would…


    However, before I knew this fact, day after day I would beat my meat hoping it would grow. It did not grow.


    See penis exercises are not going to get you a bigger penis. For one reason. The penis is not a muscle you can mould like your bicep.


    Most men end up damaging their penis by beating on it too hard and forcing too much blood inside.


    There’s a much smarter way to increase your penis size from the cellular level. I mentioned this before. However what I did not say was it takes a few minutes each day and works in harmony with your body to boost your length, not against it.

    Tom Candow explains the details of the method in much simpler terms than I could on the next page after the quiz to compute your potential growth.

    Don't blame genetics when you want to figure out how to make your penis bigger

    3 - Genetics Are Not The Enemy

    Your genes are not the absolute reason you are small. The same as men who are obese are not obese absolutely because of their genes. The fat guy can lose weight and the guy with the small penis can grow it.


    Have you ever heard someone on TV talk about how we as a people are fatter, taller, and live longer than cavemen did?


    Well, the reason we are fatter, taller and live longer than cavemen is the same reason why some men (porn stars) have a big penis and other men a small penis…


    Environment. We are shaped by our environment. And the environment inside a porn star’s body is different from the environment inside the body of a man with below average penis length.


    And it’s inside our body environment that we want to target to re engage penis growth. That is penis growth on a cellular level as easy as I can explain it!


    I should say though that around this point of talking about body environment is when the defeatist who say genetics are the be all and end all start shouting the loudest. They scream at you that you cannot change your mind, your life, or your body shape. Just let them huff and puff…


    Think about it this way. What do top businessmen say about surrounding yourself with successful people? They say it is vital if you want to achieve your goals...


    They tell you to be part of a community that wants to achieve the same goals as you.


    They tell you to be a positive thinker and take on life’s challenges full steam ahead.

    And the number one challenge men face today is being in full control of their love-life, their confidence, and their bodies. (Tom goes into more detail about this after the quiz)

    If you want a bigger penis stop using penis extenders

    4 - Stop Using Painful Penis Enlargement Products (aka torture devices)

    Can you imagine strapping your delicate manhood into an extender and then having it stretched?


    Sure, I got desperate at times along my journey but pumps and extenders are dangerous. And they cost big bucks. (Bucks you’ll need for the dates that could be coming your way soon.)


    The job of an extender is to unnaturally stretch your penis. It is like a medieval torture rack. Now, nobody I ever read about went on a torture rack and came off it four inches taller and walking about with a smile on their face!


    If you’re not convinced then drop ninety dollars on one, go through the agony of stretching your penis and see what happens. Seriously, when you strap your penis into those contraptions you are risking your penis health.

    The safest, pain-free method for re engaging growth is on a molecular level, which Tom will talk about after the short quiz. 


    Natural, pain-free growth is the way forward.

    If you want to make your penis grow then start to think less about how to make your penis bigger

    5 - Start To Think LESS About How To Make Your Penis Bigger (YES LESS!)

    Your penis size will never improve if you do not put effort into penis enlargement. It will stay small. And like me your sex life will be at best average, at worst you’ll consider the option of paying a professional for a sexual encounter. And when that happens your reputation will not improve.


    The answer is growing your penis on the molecular level. The secret is: few people are doing it.


    (you can prove this as well - but you probably already know - by checking the Google results and seeing the same old tired pumps, extenders, and pills that are being sold.)


    The only guys I know on the forums who have had real success (reached their target size) are the one’s who stopped listening to the BS about extenders, pumps, pills…


    And focused their full efforts on molecular enlargement while the other guys are still dangerously beating their penises to a set of exhausting exercises every night.


    What Tom Candow did over a five-year period was develop a formula he called The Penis Enlargement Remedy. Which is a method that allows you to combine three specific, natural things, done in a matter of minutes each day. That is ALL YOU NEED… And don’t let anyone tell you would be better off with penis exercises!


    Correct. I did not do exhausting and endless penis exercise sessions. I did not spend hours with an extender strapped to my penis. I might have been small, but I have my pride. I value being a healthy, confident man, who is now bigger than most…


    The Penis Enlargement Remedy was my breakthrough to hitting my target size in minimal time, safely, and without it eating up what little spare time I had.


    The only choice you’re left with now is whether you want to carry on as you are getting the same results over and over again or if you’re ready to try something new and get a new result.

    If you’re ready then take the quiz and compute your potential growth.

  • How do I take the quiz to compute my potential growth?

    You will be asked the following questions on the next page:

    • How old are you?
    • What is your current penis length?
    • What is your current penis girth?
    • What do you want your length to be?
    • What do you want your girth to be?
    • What is your relationship status right now?
    • Why do you want a bigger penis?
    • Are you circumcised?
    • What race are you?

    The quiz page has a recap of the 5 Key Principles. To get straight to the quiz click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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